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Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP

Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP
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Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP: s

Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP

Humorous Cultural Diversity Speaker

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San Francisco, California, United States
About Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP

Multicultural marketing is not enough to sell to minorities in America. You must adjust your sales presentations meet the unique needs of Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, Middle Easterners and others.

Michael Soon Lee shows how diversity presents both challenges and huge opportunities for companies that want to hire, recruit and retain multicultural workers and sell to diverse customers. He is a diversity expert who can help you understand how ethnic people think, behave and buy.

One third of ...

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Selling to Multicultural Customers

Once you have attracted new customers to your business through a planned multicultural marketing campaign then what do you do with them? Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and Middle Easterners do not buy ...

Black Belt Negotiating®

We Americans tend to be rather poor negotiators compared to people in Mexico, China and the Middle East. We walk into stores and pay whatever is asked. In other countries they would never consider doing such ...

Marketing to Multicultural Customers

If you want to reach the nearly $2 trillion multicultural market in the United States you must develop a culturally-sensitive marketing campaign. When minorities are exposed to ads that are not designed for ...

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Black Belt Negotiating: Become a Master Negotiator Using Powerful Lessons from the Martial Arts by Michael Soon Lee MBA, CSP
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My team learned a great deal of very specific and useful cultural information from your presentation!

Carol A. Long, Vice President National Sales - Subway Account Team, Coca-Cola North America

You are an outstanding and accomplished speaker and we were privileged to have you share your experiences, viewpoints, and knowledge while delivering a motivational and strong message.

Miriam Lopez - Chevron Corporation

The best speaker in the country on all areas of cultural diversity.

Diane B. Hardie - Chairperson, California Association of Realtors' Cultural Diversity Committee
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