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Gov. Michael Leavitt

  • Three Time Elected Governor of Utah
  • Former Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Former Leader of the EPA

Mike Leavitt is the founder of Leavitt Partners where he helps clients navigate the future as they
transition to new and better models of care. In previous roles, Mike served in the Cabinet of President
George W. Bush (as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Secretary of Health and
Human Services) and as a three-time elected governor of Utah.
Mike grew up in ... VIEW MORE

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Western Governors University
Speech Topics
  • A World Without Innovation

    These are complex times in health care. We’ve seen historic advances in technology, but we’re also facing ... View More

  • Building a Value-Based Health Care System

  • Health Diplomacy: From the American People

  • Import Safety: Safety at the Speed of Life

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  • Governor Leavitt was well received by our group (4.82 out of 5) and couldn't be more personable. His insights were valuable and his data will be shared throughout our organization. I am very happy we chose him.
  • Joseph H. Labovitz, VP of Operations - Carolinas HealthCare System University

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