Michael DiSpezio

Michael DiSpezio

  • Science Writer
  • Educational Consultant
  • Author of Over 30 Published Trade Books

Michael DiSpezio is one of the most recognized, entertaining and sought-after presenters at educator conferences throughout the world. In addition to offering his unique style of dynamic, theatrical, and often interactive presentations, he is a prolific author with over thirty published trade books and an equal number of science textbook co-authorships.

As all agree, his ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Visual Foolery! The Science, Magic and History of Optical Illusions

    You just won't believe your eyes, as noted author and educator Michael DiSpezio guides you through the universe of ... View More

  • Gender and the Brain - How sexy is your wiring?

    Are gender differences in the brain real or imagined? Share a biologist's insight and perspective on real and ... View More

  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About HIV/AIDS* *but Had No Idea Who to Ask

    Join Michael A. DiSpezio, author of the NSTA publication the Science of HIV, for an interactive workshop in which ... View More

  • Humorous Science - Don't Make Me Laugh

    In this stand-up comedy performance, Michael demonstrates how to effectively integrate humor into your science ... View More

Text Reviews
  • High school teachers are a difficult audience; however, he had all 600 employees, including high school teachers, standing up, making "whirly bird airplanes", using 3-D glasses, laughing, participating, and thoroughly enjoying everything he had to say.
  • Linda Jacobs - Forney ISD
  • Michael was AWESOME! He was flexible, easy to work with, energetic, fun, personable . . . He stayed on message, yet was willing (and able) to make client-requested changes to the script at the 11th hour. He really is fluid in everything he does.
  • Todd Haight - Michigan Tech University
Keynote $5,000.00
Half Day $7,500.00
Full Day $10,000.00
Michael DiSpezio travels from Falmouth, Massachusetts and requires Coach class for 1

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