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I knew this young man would make an impressive footprint in society. He is a man of integrity, honesty and genuine kindness. Michael has a unique gift, with a heart to follow. I have no doubt his brilliance will shine in all he does.
Patti Handy - TeensCashCoach.com
Michael Costigan has a remarkable talent to express himself. He has the ability to clearly identify a problem and to delegate. It will be his ability to work on solutions and lead by example that I believe will develop his potential for true greatness.
Pam Morris - Pam-Morris-Designs.com
I have attended quite a few brainstorm meetings with Michael regarding various business projects. I recommend his leadership, creativity, and wide reaching knowledge of internet technologies and trends.
Christopher Corsaut , Founder & CEO - TheOrganicMechanic.com
Michael is gifted with technical knowledge beyond belief. He has been my lifesaver on many occasions from asking simple technical questions to very complex issues. We predict he will be the next Steve Jobs!
Ericka Bakkom, CEO - eFreshDesign.com
Michael Costigan approaches teen motivation in a manner completely different from any other high school speaker. He speaks to high school students just like he is talking to his peers, his friends, and that makes all the difference.
Cassidy - Student, CA
Michael possesses an extraordinary ability to connect with teens and inspire them to live their lives with authenticity . . . his success as a Youth Speaker is due to his tireless devotion to the student cause . . . Michael stands apart from the crowd.
Cyrus Ameri - Havard Academic Chair '07
We really appreciate your presentation to the Hart District ROP students. I love how you challenge students to take charge of their lives. Very inspiring.
Jodie Hoffman - Hart District ROP