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Michael Costigan Michael Costigan

Michael Costigan Speech Topics

The Real World Isn’t Taught In School
Michael speaks in a way that is directly relevant to an audience in their twenties – without cheesy motivational one-liners or talking down to the listeners. Instead, his talk is packed with a personal story of going against traditional expectations, facing the challenges and criticism that come...
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Becoming An Outlier
Most people don’t wake up in the morning wanting to be average. Michael’s willing to bet your audience doesn’t either. In this workshop for those of college age and up, Michael lays out a specific, action oriented framework that anyone can use to attain significant success at earlier stages in...
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Defy the Odds (45-60 minutes)
It's a fact of life, things WILL get in our way -- it's up to us to decide how we deal with it. With an inspiring message and dynamic mix of humor, Michael shares a story of confronting the 'odds' in his life head on. Your students will walk away equipped to face the obstacles in their life with...
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Bullying: Be The Solution
Bullying has become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) issues on school campuses in the past few years. Michael first establishes trust with the audience through personal stories of having to overcome labels, imposed limitations, and self doubt during his high school years. He then teaches...
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Teens Online -- What You as an Educator or Parent Need to Know (Presentation Style or Workshop, 60-120min Q&A Encouraged)
When Michael’s not hanging out with friends, or giving a presentation like this one, he lives on the internet. He's as addicted to Facebook and Twitter as anyone else, sends over 3,000 text messages monthly, and is your typical Gen Y individual. In this presentation he will demystify these social...
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