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Michael Costigan Michael Costigan

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Michael Costigan is a passionate advocate for the millennial generation.
His written work has been featured by Entrepreneur.com, Inc., Huffington Post, & Monster.com. While his on-camera spots have been syndicated across ABC, CBS, & Fox.

He is a keynote speaker for colleges and conferences across the country as well as special forums like TEDx and the Gulf Young Leaders, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Michael has contributed to several books, the most recent of which, 2 Billion Under 20 was published by St. Martin's Press in 2015. In 2006, at the age of 13 and with the help of his mother, he started his first company creating websites for small businesses.

What started as just an entrepreneurial feeling has since morphed into an all out effort to help young people recognize their talents, execute on their goals, and create the futures they deserve.

Michael is a graduate of the London School of Economics and lives in Santa Monica, CA where he also currently leads corporate development for TeleSign.