Michael Costigan

Michael Costigan

  • Named National Entrepreneur of the Year
  • CEO of madFusion (started at age 13)
  • Heads Global Community of Young Changemakers

Michael Costigan is a passionate advocate for the millennial generation.
His written work has been featured by Entrepreneur.com, Inc., Huffington Post, & Monster.com. While his on-camera spots have been syndicated across ABC, CBS, & Fox.

He is a keynote speaker for colleges and conferences across the country as well as special forums like TEDx and the Gulf Young Leaders, ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

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Speech Topics
  • The Real World Isn’t Taught In School

    Michael speaks in a way that is directly relevant to an audience in their twenties – without cheesy motivational ... View More

  • Becoming An Outlier

    Most people don’t wake up in the morning wanting to be average. Michael’s willing to bet your audience doesn’t ... View More

  • Defy the Odds (45-60 minutes)

    It's a fact of life, things WILL get in our way -- it's up to us to decide how we deal with it. With an inspiring ... View More

  • Bullying: Be The Solution

    Bullying has become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) issues on school campuses in the past few years. ... View More

Text Reviews
  • I knew this young man would make an impressive footprint in society. He is a man of integrity, honesty and genuine kindness. Michael has a unique gift, with a heart to follow. I have no doubt his brilliance will shine in all he does.
  • Patti Handy - TeensCashCoach.com
  • Michael Costigan has a remarkable talent to express himself. He has the ability to clearly identify a problem and to delegate. It will be his ability to work on solutions and lead by example that I believe will develop his potential for true greatness.
  • Pam Morris - Pam-Morris-Designs.com
  • I have attended quite a few brainstorm meetings with Michael regarding various business projects. I recommend his leadership, creativity, and wide reaching knowledge of internet technologies and trends.
  • Christopher Corsaut , Founder & CEO - TheOrganicMechanic.com

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