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Michael Bernoff

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Michael Bernoff Speech Topics

Core Confidence
Tools and Strategies to Develop your Confidence
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Call2Action Coaching Program
Learn skills to Motivate yourself to take consistent action and achieve the results you desire for your life.
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Core Strength Experience
One Weekend to Recreate Yourself featuring Michael Bernoff Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Learn to Ignite Unstoppable, deep-rooted passion in all areas of your life. Become the Person you Desire to be Within one weekend you will experience: More confidence Understanding...
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Persuasion Enhancement
Persuasion Enhancement teaches powerful & easy-to-apply secrets the masters of persuasion and influence use to establish connections and leave powerful impressions. You will learn to: * Lead others through persuasive leadership skills * Gain strategies & techniques to guide others in the right...
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Rapid Rapport
Can you imagine how it would impact your life if you were able to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime? How would you feel if people were clamoring to talk to you at parties, meetings or wherever you go? Rapid Rapport teaches you how to be that person. Learn the fundamental of rapport and how to use...
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Sales Evolution Mastery
Michael Bernoff will walk you through the entire sales cycle, from meeting the people you want to talk with, to saying the right thing to them, to presenting your product/service/opportunity and ultimately closing the sale. This coaching program is the most direct, most cutting-edge way to handle...
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Prospecting for Profit
Learn how to meet the best prospects and make the most profit. You prospect to build a list of qualified people that may buy from you. That's the basic concept...with the key word being QUALIFIED. You can't begin the selling process until your working with a qualified buyer. Which brings you back...
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**The Inside Job**
Michael's finest keynote presentation where he focuses on skills each individual in the audience must have to have the life they truly desire.
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Communication in Action
Keynote presentation where each individual will learn how their internal communication will affect their results. They'll walk away with specific strategies that will allow them to take action, achieve success and increase their confidence.
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Rapid Presentation Mastery
Upon completion of the Rapid Presentation Mastery course you can expect to walk away with a strategically-designed presentation of your specific product, service or opportunity that positions you as an expert, incorporates cutting-edge presenting tools and leads your audience to make a decision....
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