Melvin Adams, Youth Speaker, School Motivational, Abstinence

Melvin Adams

  • Former Harlem Globetrotter
  • Entertaining and challenging communicator
  • Two-time NCAA All-American

Melvin Adams has been an NCAA All-American basketball player, professional basketball competitor and member of the world famous Harlem Globetrotter. He is currently a communicator and entertainer. His energetic and engaging presentation style make him a favorite for events of all kinds.

Melvin has had the privilege of speaking to over 3,000,000 youth through school assemblies, ... VIEW MORE

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    -Believing Your Dreams! -Character - Even When No One is Looking! -Overcoming Obstacles -Say No to Drugs! -Making the ... View More

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  • The students thoroughly enjoyed Melvin's performance. They, along with myself, were entertained, laughing, and learning the entire presentation. I would definitely recommend Melvin to any person looking for a speaker for students.
  • Jenae Golden - Associated Students of New Mexico State University
  • Melvin Adams not only had the rapt attention of the student body, but he also had the entire audience hanging on his every word! His message was direct, unapologetic, and challenging. His stunts served to validate that the rest of his message was true.
  • Ann Dunn - Shawnee Heights Baccalaureate Service, Topeka, KS
  • Melvin Adams shared about his life of basketball and how it had taken first place in his life. But then Melvin taught the students that God needed to be his top priority, if he ever wanted to be a success and have peace.
  • Glenna Remington - Groton Youth Rally

Melvin's Blog

"On purpose and with a purpose."
Harlem Globe Trotter Melvin Adams - surrounded by staff members Scott Gordon, Officer Travis Gilliam, Caitlin Dobrowolski...

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