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A magical way to create employee engagement, company pride, and love for the arts in our city!
It has been three years since ArtsWave and I launched the city-wide company singing challenge CincySings in Cincinnati, and it is evident to our city that the unique choral competition has delivered on its mission to leverage the power of the arts to create employee engagement and excitement among the participating companies, and a renewed passi...
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The Seven Secrets of Success
Yesterday, I gave a speech at Hofstra University in NY on what it takes to be successful. I reflected back on my days as a student, eager to enter the world of business and the question I kept asking myself was this: How am I different today than I was 30 years ago? The answer was surprisingly clear. My values are the same. My strengths & pa...
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10 steps to becoming an Inspirational leader
I have been asked over the years what it takes to become an inspirational leader. I’ve had the privilege to work with and learn from many leaders who have inspired me. I truly believe anyone who wants to become an inspirational leader, can. But, it takes commitment and hard work. Here are 10 steps that will help you on your journey to becomin...
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Experiences that shape the way we lead - Here are some of mine
First, let me introduce myself . I was born and raised in Brazil and lived there for 34 years so, most of my life. I also lived 3 years in Caracas and 3 in Mexico where both my kids were born and have been in the US for 15 years now. My mother, grandmother and Great grandmother are Chilean and my grandfather is Peruvian. So where do I get my blo...
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