Marvin Zonis

Marvin Zonis

  • Political Economist
  • Executive Training Specialist
  • E-Commerce Strategist

Marvin Zonis is a Professor emeritus at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, where he teaches courses on International Political Economy, Leadership, and Business Strategy in the Era of E-Commerce. He also heads Marvin Zonis + Associates, Inc., political risk consultants. The firm works with corporations and professional asset management firms throughout the world to help them identify, assess, and manage their political risks in the constantly changing global environment. In short, he is a global political economist.

He also develops and presents executive training programs for senior business leaders and is one of the leading speakers on both the international political economy and leadership at corporate meetings and conferences around the world.

What sets Marvin Zonis apart from his contemporaries and makes him a much sought-after speaker is his awareness of the intersection of politics, economics and emerging technologies. He "gets" the big picture and explains what is going on in the world and what difference it makes to business. He understands and talks about how technology and globalization are permanently transforming business. In order to give business executives the tools to be able to decide what they must do to stay competitive in the global market and how they must and can lead their employees, he explains and analyzes the transformations in the social, political and economic environment worldwide and the implications for business and public policy.

His delivery style is energetic, and his materials are full of substance. He presents sophisticated and complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner so that audiences of top level executives as well as the "rank and file" can use them. He understands the different needs of a variety of audiences and delivers presentations on many levels for the most impact. He is a stimulating and magnetic speaker whose qualities are best illustrated through examples of his speeches and presentations and the feedback from the numerous business executives who have heard him speak.

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