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Mark Robert Waldman

Mark Robert Waldman Mark Robert Waldman

Mark Robert Waldman Speech Topics

Words Can Change Your Brain - Communication, Leadership, and Values
This program is based on Mark's latest research, which is now a cornerstone of Loyola Marymount University's Executive MBA program. The keynote lecture introduces the 12 strategies of Compassionate Communication and includes experiential exercises that enhance speaking and listening skills. A...
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Building a Better “Business” Brain:
Our neuroscientific research shows that we are wired from birth to make as much “money” as we possibly can. However, if we act selfishly, other people will neurologically react with altruistic punishment. In this lecture and workshop, Mark will guide participants through a series of steps that...
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Mindful Eating
In conjunction with leading researchers at universities around the country, Mark has designed a highly effective strategy for losing weight and undermining various eating disorders. You’ll learn how to train your brain to stay committed to a healthy diet and eating program, and you’ll learn how...
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Placebo: The Most Powerful Medicine in the World
At the core of this lecture is one of the most exciting events in the history of medicine: major pharmaceutical companies have decided to work together, under the direction of the National Institutes of Health, and share their secrets in an attempt to understand why the placebo response is...
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Writing Non-Fiction Books
Learning the fundamentals of the New York publishing world – writing style, book proposals, editors, literary agents, book contracts, and self-publishing alternatives. Mark was a developmental editor for Tarcher/Putnam and Lowell House/McGraw Hill, and has taught writing workshops throughout the...
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Intensive Meditation Retreats
Mark co-leads weekends and week-long retreats covering a wide range of mindfulness techniques and meditations. These experiential exercises can be taught in either a secular or religious format.
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Mystical Music, Mystical Brain
Mark and Andy’s recent brainscan study showed that certain types of music enhance memory, cognition, and emotional health. In collaboration with Yuval Ron – an Oscar-winning, Grammy-nominated composer, musician, and peace activist – Mark blends mystical poetry, meditation, music, and...
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A Journey into the Living Brain
It’s not an organ, like the heart. It’s a community of a 160 billion independent and creative living organisms, constantly changing and creatively communicating with each other. Mark presents video footage of neurons interacting with each other in ways that create our emotional and conscious...
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The Neuroscience of Happiness and Success
Mark and his team of university researchers have developed a series of experiential exercises and strategies that have been proven to enhance neural performance in ways that increase attentiveness, concentration, empathy, optimism, and work-related productivity. This program explains what...
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Mindfulness, Spirituality, and the Brain
By simply spending a few minutes several times a day, a person can permanently alter the functioning of the brain by as much as 25%. The result: Greater work productivity with less stress, decreased anxiety and depression, and enhanced memory, cognition, and empathy. The keynote speech includes...
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