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"Mark is a talent to be reckoned with and is gifted with a truly beautiful instrument....His years of theatrical/Broadway experience come across in his commanding presence on the stage"
Erich Kunzel, Conductor - Cincinnati Pops
"The Way We Were" was brilliant...McVey's singing was every bit the match of the arrangement's brilliance".
David Williams - Gazette-Mail
"Mark McVey is a consummate performer, and possesses one of the great voices on Broadway today."
Keith Lockhart, Conductor - Boston Pops
"Mark McVey is simply the best!!...His vocal sound is superb, and his range is awesome.... Audiences adore him."
Marvin Hamlisch
"Mark McVey is a wonderful heroic tenor with flawless diction and superb restraint as an actor."
Emily Van Hazing - Boston Globe
“Mark McVey is MAGNIFICENT!"
Sara Lord - Baltimore Daily Record
"McVey owns a powerful tenor that leaves the audience aswoon!"
Remy - Variety
"McVey...demonstrated a range reaching from rumbling low notes to silken head tones, traversing the octaves smoothly and convincingly... McVey, whose tenor voice is broad yet supple, warm and deliciously rough, showed his performer’s chops..."
Sally Vallongo - Toledo Blade
"I'm not sure anymore that the world's most romantic three little words are 'I love you.' - I think they might be 'J. Mark McVey'."
Mary Kunz Goldman - The Buffalo News
"..incredible Broadway artist J. Mark McVey... McVey is the real thing with real talent for both music and dramatic delivery"
Judith White - The Saratogian