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Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham, Commencement, Opening Assembly & Commencement NSB Marcus Buckingham, Commencement, Opening Assembly & Commencement NSB

Marcus Buckingham's Speech Topics

Lead From Strengths
What the best team leaders do differently • Discover the one ritual that all great team leaders have in common. • Learn the single concept that the best team leaders apply with their teams. • Identify your particular strengths as a team leader.
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High-Performance Leadership
How to build a culture of performance • Learn the one thing that sets great leaders apart. • Explore the 4 levers that leaders use to create a high-performing culture. • Get clear about your organization’s core strengths.
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Find Your Edge, Win At Work
How to drive personal performance • Discover the approach that characterizes the most successful people in the world. • Pinpoint your competitive advantage. • Learn how to apply your competitive advantage at work.
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Architect of a New World of Work
How to future-proof your organization • Learn the 3 trends that will redefine the new world of work. • Examine why all HR talent data is bad data — and learn the secret to producing good data instead. • Discover the tools you need to build an agile, dynamic workplace that appeals to the modern...
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