Marco Clark

Marco Clark

  • CEO and Founder of Broken Promise Schools
  • Co-Founder of PEACE through Urban Exchange
  • Author "Silence Those Lambs"

Broken Promise Schools is designed to discuss critical issues in public school education. Utilizing an aggressive approach, Dr. Marco Clark will provide solutions to the aging problem of failed public school initiatives, accountability and quick fix programs that are plaguing the urban school systems throughout the nation. Working as a tireless advocate, Dr. Clark has dedicated his ... VIEW MORE

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DCN Talk
Graduation is not the end
Speech Topics
  • lliteracy & Urban Education

    87% of black and Hispanic youth can not pass a literacy test at goal by the time they reach high school. How did it ... View More

  • Education Mayhem in Our Community

    The urban educational system has failed our youth miserably. Every statistical data bears this out. How did it get ... View More

Text Reviews
  • By all accounts from the feedback received, everyone truly enjoyed your authenticity and energy. Your opening story truly set the tone for what Eclipse embodies—helping and guiding others to achieve their full potential.
  • E.P. Brown, Captain U.S. Coast Guard - United States Coast Guard Academy

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Marco Clark travels from Baltimore, Maryland and requires Coach Class for 1

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