Marc Thiessen

Marc Thiessen

  • Former White House Chief Speechwriter
  • Fox News Contributor
  • Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Inst.

Marc Thiessen is a former White House chief speechwriter and Fox News contributor who appears several times a week on The Kelly File, one of the most watched prime time cable news shows in the country. Marc served as a member of the White House senior staff under President George W. Bush, where he was the lead writer on two State of the Union addresses and worked closely with ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Islamic Radicalism
Young America's Foundation
Fox News Election Commentary
Islamic Radicalism Part 2
Speech Inside the CIA Interrogation Program
Life inside the White House
Speech Topics
  • Islamic Radicalism: America’s Failed Response

    With the rise of ISIS and ther terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, San Bernadino and Orlando, it is increasingly ... View More

  • Behind the scenes at the 2016 Elections

    The 2016 election is unfolding in ways few predicted. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton enters the fall ... View More

  • Inside the White House: The secrets of presidential speechwriters

    Ever wonder how the president of the United States prepares a major national address? Former presidential chief ... View More

Text Reviews
  • "Thank you for such a terrific presentation at our MY Journey program! It was everything anticipated and MORE. In the Q&A, you articulated the best strategy I have heard put forth yet for how the Republican Party can navigate successfully to a winning solution."
  • Karen Campbell, Sr. Vice President, Marketing & Employee Development - The Siegfried Group
  • “Your presentation received high marks from our participants. You covered everything from the lessons you learned at the White House, to practical tools our emerging leaders can use to structure an effective speech.... Because of your training, these legislators will return to their states better equipped to communicate their ideas and advance conservative principles. I know that some of our legislators were so impressed, they reached out to you following the workshop, and appreciated the advice and counsel you provided them."
  • Frank Donatelli, Chairman - GOPAC
  • "The debate was fantastic! There was a lot of good energy in the room and I thought the conversation was productive and interesting -- plus, not many of our guests get as invested in participating in the hissing and pounding as you did! A lot of people I've spoken with since the debate said that they thought you were persuasive, even if they disagreed with the content of your speech, and appreciated your accessibility at the reception following the debate. It was an excellent event, and we greatly appreciate your participation."
  • Stephen Marsh - Yale Political Union

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