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Majid Rafizadeh is scholar, Middle East expert, and human rights activist. He is author and president of the International American Middle Eastern and Muslim Council. He served as ambassador for Iranian-American affairs. Rafizadeh has previously conducted research at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholar and participated in the National Council on US-Arab Relations. He has taught at several universities including University of California, Santa Barbara, University of South Florida, Damascus University and Islamic Azad University.

As a project director, Rafizadeh was formerly employed by the International Committee for Red Cross with regards to Afghanistan and Darfur, Sudan. Rafizadeh is a member of the advisory board of Commission on Syrian Refugees. As an acclaimed human rights activist and political analyst, he speaks at panel discussions, universities, and interfaith gathering on human rights, democratization and reforms.

Rafizadeh is a political analyst for BBC and he regularly appears on various news outlets including CNN, Foxnews, Voice of America, Aljazeera, France 24 English, Russian International English TV, ETV, ENEWS, Sky News, NTN International News, and public radios over topics related to Syria, Iran, U.S foreign policy, democratization, human rights and the Middle East.

His works have appeared on the New York Times, CNN Fareed Zakaria, Aljazeera, Harvard International Review, Foxnews, Huffington Post, The Nation, Jerusalem Post, Yale Journal of International Affairs, Independent, George Washington Journal of International Affairs Review, Georgetown Journal of International Affairs, Haaretz, Foreign Policy Association, Jadaliyya, and Alarabiya.

Besides English, he is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, French, and Dari.