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Loretta LaRoche

Loretta LaRoche, Stress Management Speaker NSB, Life Balance, Women's issues Loretta LaRoche, Stress Management Speaker NSB, Life Balance, Women's issues
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Loretta LaRoche

Stress Management Specialist and Star of Five Emmy Award-Winning Specials on PBS

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
About Loretta LaRoche

Loretta LaRoche has helped people deal with everyday stress for over thirty years. With irreverent humor and an innate sense of the absurd, Loretta helps people see how needlessly complex and stressful our lives can become.

Loretta's wit, wisdom and humor is a common-sense view of life that leaves audiences inspired, motivated and roaring with laughter. Often irreverent--always hilarious--keynote speaker and lecturer Loretta helps people discover how thoughts, feelings and behaviors can affect ...

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The Joy of Stress (Finding the Bless in the Mess)

Join Loretta in discovering that 'stressed spelled backwards is desserts'. Explore the possibilities that can help us use stress as an ally rather than the enemy. Learn to become more resilient, creative ...

How to Prevent Hardening of the Attitude (Reducing Stress in the Workplace)

Our work literally takes up most of our lives. Therefore, it would make sense for us to choose to enjoy it. Find out how to look forward to Monday instead of enduring until Friday! Discover how thoughts, ...

Whine, Women and Song (The Wit and Wisdom of Womanhood)

'We are women hear us roar!' Is it possible to climb the corporate ladder, pick up toys, be a domestic goddess and not lose your mind! Discover the fun in the feminine as we share the wit and wisdom of ...

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Relax: You May Only Have a Few Minutes Left by Loretta LaRoche
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