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Liz Berney

Liz Berney Liz Berney

Liz Berney Speech Topics

Managing Conflict:
• Diagnosing the sources of conflict • Selecting appropriate conflict styles and tactics • Model and strategies for conflict resolution Self Assessment on Conflict style, skill practices, case exercises, and film used.
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Leading through Change:
• Model for transition process • Model for change process • Tactics and tools to lead staff through transition and change • Strategies for managing large scale change • Designing cross functional change teams to lead change Film, cases, simulation and group activities used.
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Managing Challenging People:
• Tactics and tools to manage good performers who but don’t work well with others • Typology of different types of difficult people and behaviors • Tailored facilitation strategies • Diffusing anger, setting limits, managing resistance Case exercises and role-playing used.
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Coaching and Counseling:
(Taught this for managers at American Management Association) • Coaching employees to enhance performance and build skills • Discerning when to coach or counsel, when to refer for help • Facilitating peer coaching among your staff members Film, skill practices and role-plays used.
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Performance Feedback:
• Managing constructive developmental review meetings • Coaching managers on emotional intelligence competencies • Providing effective performance feedback to managers • Managing resistance and denial, diffusing anger and defensiveness • Making tough coaching and firing decisions Skill practices...
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Motivation and Goal Setting:
• Motivational Theories and Efficacy • How to tailor reward and recognition strategies • How to Set goals effectively • Creating and Monitoring Team Rewards: Why and How Discussion, lecturette, self assessment and case scenarios used.
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Creating High Performing Teams
• Top Attributes of high performing teams • Creating a team vision and getting buy-in • Creating a team charter that works • Building accountability in teams • Self managed teams • Lencioni and Katzenbach models • Facilitating a culture of dialogue Cases, skill practices, film used.
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Meeting Facilitation Skills
• Setting a challenging and engaging agenda • Creating involvement and engagement • Discerning when to continue and when to curtail a discussion • Cutting edge group dynamics tactics • Creating an environment for dialogue • Managing challenging conflicts • Dealing with challenging group dynamics...
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Managing Personal Priorities
(based on Stephen Covey’s time management matrix) • Time Management matrix • Quadrant II, important and not urgent activities tactics and strategies • Analysis of time spent in 4 matrix cells • Cutting edge strategies to enhance time and priority management Assessment, cases, group activities...
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Myers Briggs for Leadership Development
• Understanding your preferences • Understanding your type • Understanding your facets/preferences and your inferior function • Concrete strategies for developing your less developed preferences Step II form of the MBTI will be used to help leaders identify both their strengths and those areas...
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Interests-Based Negotiation
(Based on Harvard Negotiation Program tactics) • Key tenets of interests-based negotiation • Refining your negotiation style • Keys to managing tough negotiations • Active negotiation of cases with tailored feedback Learning methods included tailored cases and Harvard cases that participants...
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