Lisa Guillermin Gable

Lisa Guillermin Gable

  • Former Ambassador
  • Brand Troubleshooter,
  • Public/Private Partnership Expert

Presidential, Secretarial, and Gubernatorial Advisor, U.S. Ambassador, UN Delegate, Corporate Executive with Leadership at the Highest Levels of Business, Government, and Military Sectors, Board Member, Public Speaker, and Commentator Lisa Gable has served four U.S. presidents and two governors, counseled Fortune 500 CEOs, and represented global public-private partnerships and nonprofits with an end goal of moving organizations to higher levels of performance. Bi-partisan in nature, she has brought together political parties, corporate competitors and disparate nations to foster quality leadership, diplomacy and results that better society and create sustainable partnerships and profitable business models.

Credited by McKinsey as "displaying impressive understanding about how to align incentives and deliver concrete change"

Keynote $6,500.00
International Keynote $15,000.00
Lisa Guillermin Gable travels from District of Columbia and requires Business Class for one

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