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A High Energy Message

As a renowned professional speaker, author and television personality, Les Brown has risen to national prominence by delivering a high energy message which tells people how to shake off mediocrity and live up to their greatness. It is a message Les Brown has learned from his own life and one he is helping others apply to their lives.

Born a twin in low-income ... VIEW MORE

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Revolution Within
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  • Harnessing the Power of Diversity

    Les Brown’s approach to a more and more diversified American workforce is grounded in the great possibilities in such a ... View More

  • It’s Possible or You’ve Got to be Hungry

    In efforts to achieve at the highest level, Les says, It’s Possible, but you have to be untiring, relentless…huunnngry! ... View More

  • Coping with a Changing America

    The events of September 11th and the sagging U.S. economy have combined to create an air of uncertainty in America. Les ... View More

  • Achieving at the Next Level

    Les outlines the all-essential mindset for high-level achievement, which begins with making the case that such ... View More

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  • Perfect event—Les was fabulous.
  • Carolyn Nixon - Beaumont Hospital
  • My staff continues to speak of how grateful they are for the opportunity of an introduction to what I refer to as—the "Les Brown" experience that will make a difference in your life with a powerful impact.
  • Gloria Sloan - Personal Dynamics

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Les Brown travels from Atlanta, GA and requires $2500 travel allowance, plus hotel (one suite and one single) for 1 night.

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