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What do you get when you mix determination, vision, and passion with a heart for kids whom everyone has forgotten? If it is possible for all of these qualities to exist in one person, that individual is award-winning filmmaker, Lee Stanley.
Camille Stoddard - Westlake Magazine - Book Review
Lee's book is an incredible journey of putting others first and making extreme sacrifices to see to it that no one gets left behind.
Bret Michaels - Multi-platinum recording artist/ reality TV star
Filmmaker Lee Stanley takes us through a quite amazing transformation. It is difficult to imagine anyone who would not be choked up to watch these young men.
Staff - The Hollywood Reporter
What wondrous--and wild--things happen when a tough guy (Lee Stanley) asks God to take over the reins of his life. . . . Lee & Linda's love story is a testimony to the power of a faithful, faith-filled marriage.
Stacy Jenel Smith, syndicated Hollywood columnist - Beck/Smith Hollywood
Anyone searching for an uplifting example of the transformative power of hope in humanity will find consolation in this story.
Staff - Publishers Weekly
This moving book is clearly the work of an award-winning filmmaker, full of vivid scenes, memorable images, and dialogue that'll make you laugh one moment and cry the next, all contributing to an uplifting sense of divine promise fulfilled.
Jeff Maguire - Academy Award-nominated Screenwriter
If ever there was a lion of God, it's Lee Stanley. Stanley doesn't know how to quit. For him, closed doors and the word 'no' are simply battle cries to begin the war.
Bill Myers - Best selling author
This book is about the spirit of a man who is driven by his commitment, dedication, faith, and vision in a world far too driven by immediate gratification. Lee has had a positive impact on thousands of lives, including mine.
Sean Porter (Portrayed by Dwayne Johnson in "Gridiron Gang") Senior Probation Director, Los Angeles County Probation Dept. - L.A. County Probation Department
Lee Stanley is to be praised for his knowing view. A stark revelation - when the mind thinks with the heart.
Staff (re "Desperate Passage" documentary) - The Hollywood Reporter
Exceptional filmmaking redeems much of the worst that television has produced. Parents and children who watch this together may literally find their lives transformed.
Staff (re: "A Time for Life" documentary - The Hollywood Reporter
A gripping television special--one can only regret that this kind of magnificent therapy is not available to everyone.
Staff (re:"Father/Son" documentary film - The Hollywood Reporter