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Lee Crockett

  • National Award Winning Designer
  • Author
  • Artist

Lee Crockett is a national award winning designer, artist, author and international keynote speaker. He is is co-author of Understanding the Digital Generation, The Digital Diet, Living on the Future Edge, and the upcoming book Literacy is not Enough. Lee is a "just in time learner" first and foremost, constantly adapting to the new programs, languages and technologies associated ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Living on the Future Edge
Speech Topics
  • Cool Tools for Process-Based Learning

    The experience of learning in the Information age has moved far beyond the walls of our schools and can now happen ... View More

  • Aligning Technology Initiatives

    Aligning Technology Initiatives is designed to help educational leaders and decision-makers wade through the ... View More

  • Digital Citizenship

    Carl Sagan once said that our society is deserving of citizens with an acute awareness of how their world works, and ... View More

  • Global Connections and Collaboration Fluency

    The students and workers of the 21st century are living in an environment conducive to collaboration. Technology, ... View More

Text Reviews
  • It was great to have Lee as the opener to the conference. He captured the imagination of the audience wonderfully. His research and presentation was clear and precise, and his enthusiasm was awe-inspiring.
  • ULearn NZ
  • I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to you for a mind blowing experience! The sheer power of the already overwhelming arguments were further magnified by your expert delivery—part teacher, part performer, part magician.
  • Susan G.
  • Lee's positive and thought provoking presentations were a hit at our conference. A polished presentation with excellent content and stunning visuals sparked our interest and really established the mood for the day.
  • Deb V.

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