Dr. Larry Meyer

Dr. Larry Meyer

  • Former Governor of the Federal Reserve Board
  • Fellow of the Nat'l Association of Business
  • Butler Award Winner for Business Excellence

Larry is President of Monetary Policy Analytics Inc. Dr. Meyer served as a Governor on the Federal Reserve Board from June 1996 through January 2002. While serving as a Fed governor, Dr. Meyer became widely known as an influential member of the Federal Open Market Committee and built a reputation for independent thinking and straight talk about monetary policy. He has been widely ... VIEW MORE

Text Reviews
  • Dr. Meyer combines an unusual set of characteristics in a single guise—Fed experience, preeminence as a forecaster, and the intellectual rigor of an academic—a unique talent and resource.
  • Bill Dudley - Chief US Economist, Goldman Sachs
  • For me, Larry Meyer's comments on monetary policy are a must read, and they should be for everyone seriously interested in monetary policy and its effects on financial markets and the real economy.
  • Lyle Gramley - Former Fed Governor
  • Larry Meyer has set the highest standard for contemporary economic forecasters. . . . he is unique in his ability to apply the most rigorous analysis to day-to-day questions faced by a wide range of investors and business people.
  • Robert DiClemente - Cheif US Economist, Citigroup

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