Larry Wilde

Larry Wilde

  • The Clown Prince of Platfrom Humor
  • Top-flight Entertainer
  • Best-Selling Author

Professional speaker, best-selling author and top-flight entertainer, Larry Wilde's unique background and lifelong stage experience enable him to connect solidly with every audience.

People respond enthusiastically to Larry's personal warmth and energizing presentations. They take away a fresh perspective and simple strategies designed to make a positive impact on their lives. He has ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • HUMOR: A Tool for Success in the Workplace

    Stress is today's most pervasive job-related health issue and Larry dispenses the best medicine. Solid strategies for ... View More

  • LAUGHTER: Rx for Healing, Health & Happiness

    Addresses critical issues facing health care professionals today. Participants learn to tap the healing power of ... View More

  • When You're Up to Your Eyeballs in Alligators

    Attendees discover why humor is essential for health, longevity, job satisfaction, personal fulfillment and creating a ... View More

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Text Reviews
  • Your presentation on the positive effects of humor in work and life was a resounding success. I've never seen our clients laugh so loud. Our audience members were very moved by your heartfelt message?Your presence certainly made a lifelong impact.
  • Dava Wittig - Insurance Management Services, Inc.
  • Your five-point technique gave us a humorous insight on how to turn stressful situations into funny, relaxing times. Everyone left the conference feeling uplifted and high-spirited as a result of your message.
  • Edwin A. Fincke - California Transit Association
  • Your method of using humor to handle life's problems should be heard by all busy executives and sales people.
  • Mark R. Bugli - San Fernando Underwriters Association
Local Keynote $5,000.00
Keynote $7,500.00
Larry Wilde travels from Monterey, California and requires First class for 1

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