Larry Bell

Larry Bell is a 25 year veteran in education.

Fifteen of those years were spent as a classroom teacher where he was nominated for the National Agnes Mayer Outstanding Teacher Award.

Larry Bell has been the keynote speaker at many conferences across the country such as the National ASCD Conference, the National Association of Multicultural Education Conference, numerous state NEA affiliates and hundreds of local and regional conferences.

Larry, who taught at Gar-field High School, a school with over 3,000 students speaking 36 different languages, was recognized for his innovative classroom strategies that allowed his so called “Tough Kids” as well as his “Gifted and Talented” to excel!

For seven years, Larry Bell served as the Supervisor of Multicultural Education for Prince William County which meant providing hands-on workshops for teachers and students in 67 schools with 3000+ teachers and 50,000 students.

Larry’s efforts in this position were recognized when he was given a $550,000 grant by the federal government to pilot his ideas in 1996, and again when he was selected as the Mary Hatwood Futrell Award winner by the Virginia Education Association in 1998. He was also invited, and traveled, to South Africa to share ideas in 1996.

Larry, a Citadel graduate, is now a full time consultant who owns his own company.

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Larry Bell travels from Washington, D.C. and requires speaking fee is inclusive of travel expenses.

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