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Larry Chase founded what many consider to be the first marketing firm on the Internet. Due to his online marketing pioneer status, The New York Times, Business Week, Advertising Age, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Business Marketing Magazine, CNN, CNBC, CBS, plus scores of industry magazines and newsletters query him regularly for his insights on the Internet.

Before the net, Chase was a strategic award-winning writer for many New York advertising agencies. "For sixteen years I worked on consumer goods, business-to-business accounts, radio, print, TV, direct response, the works. When I found I was writing for a medium I wasn't watching much anymore, I decided to write for a medium I was passionate about, the Internet. That was back in 1993 when I started the first online ad agency and was featured in the press for having done so. This was all long before it was chic to be geek:). The experience and perspective of my background in advertising has been invaluable in these uncharted waters of marketing on the Internet."

Chase is also the publisher of Web Digest for Marketers (WDFM), which has a subscriber base of over 40,000 people online. The reviews from WDFM are syndicated to Advertising Age and Business Marketing magazines. Over 80,000 people read his reviews monthly. His articles and columns are syndicated worldwide.

Chase's book, "Essential Business Tactics for the Net," is published by John Wiley. It shows the reader how to exploit the Net from two vantage points. Using the Net for "internal" affairs shows how a company can use the Net to work faster, cheaper, and smarter. Using the Net for "external" affairs shows what a company can do when marketing to people outside of the firm. "I share with you the lessons learned, the secrets kept, and the winning strategies garnered from my experience and from those of my clients. Some of those clients include: Con Edison, 3Com, EDS, New York Life, AutoByTel, Liberty Mutual, Time Warner, and myriad others, both large and small."

"I am a classically trained marketer, who has learned his lessons in New York's most celebrated advertising agencies, such as Young & Rubicam, DDB Needham and Backer Spielvogel Bates. It is through that marketing lens that I view the Internet. With 16 years of experience in traditional marketing, I am able to help my Fortune 500 clients discern which classic marketing principles endure in this new medium and where the new thinking must begin. My integral understanding of both media is my unique selling proposition to clients."

In addition to his authoring and consulting practice, Chase published Web Digest For Marketers, the first online marketing newsletter. Its reviews are read by over 150,000 people monthly. Over 1300 web sites point to it and in any given month, 3 or 4 print publications either quote from it or suggest readers subscribe to it. WDFM reviews have been syndicated to Advertising Age, DM News, Business Marketing Magazine and others.

Each of Chase's presentations is packed with practical advice which the attendees can employ as soon as they get back to their desks. He is also sure to point out to each group where the Internet is going with respect to their industry and the challenges they face.

Digital Equipment Corporation, PG&E, NASDAQ, and Sun MicroSystems of Europe are just a few examples of international blue chip companies that have called on his speaking services. Chase is comfortable presenting in a myriad of venues; from a roundtable discussion with CEOs to a circus tent of over 1000 people. He has addressed trade groups such as The Publishers' Advertising Marketing Association, the Direct Marketing Association, LegalTech, and the League of Advertising Agencies.