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Larry Chase

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Larry Chase founded what many consider to be the first marketing firm on the Internet. Due to his online marketing pioneer status, The New York Times, Business Week, Advertising Age, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Business Marketing Magazine, CNN, CNBC, CBS, plus scores of industry magazines and newsletters query him regularly for his insights on the Internet.

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  • Each presentation is developed specifically for each audience on matters including:

    • Business Strategies • Internet • Marketing • Advertising

Text Reviews
  • Now that the Internet Revolution is separating out the survivors, one needs Larry Chase's perspective, more than ever, to make sure they or their company is one of the survivors.
  • Alan Meckler - CEO of
  • The story behind too many Internet marketing failures lies in the poor understanding of tactics. Larry Chase has been in the business longer than most and has a way of boiling it down to its essence like few others.
  • Ken Magil - Editor, I-Marketing News
  • During my tenure at AT&T, I've worked with many speakers. I've never seen any who have worked as hard as you to insure that the right message is couched in exactly the right way to the audience. I could tell early on that you were the right speaker for this event by the types of questions you were asking in the discovery session that took place weeks in advance of the event itself. I felt it was a collaborative effort between you and me right down to the naming of your session, "Using Your Corporate Network to Network for New Busienss," which dove-tailed well with the b2b side of AT&T. I was delighted to see our clients and prospects in the audience taking loads of notes and obviously deriving value from the time spent listening to you. Your slides were right on the money. I noticed you dug up statistics especially for this event. That too, is much appreciated. Buying keywords, starting and advertising in e-mail, niche newsletters, and site optimization for search engines were some of the more memorable tactics you offered, in addition to showing how those approaches sat in the larger strategy. The graphic of the Edison letter, written to your great-gradfather regarding the "muscial telephone," elequentoy showed how we often can and do mispredict how technolyg will propagate into business applications and the cultrue at large. A very nice touch. As you know, I will be in contact soon regarding our online seminar series. Thanks again for a superlative program, Larry.
  • Susan C Kalousis - AT&T Business Services
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