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Kurt Schwengel

  • K-12 Creative Specialist & Technology Expert
  • Creator of "Occupy Kindergarten"
  • Author of "Rock and Roll Kindergarten"

Kurt Schwengel has been teaching Kindergarten in Santa Monica, Ca since 1995. He is also a national presenter for a variety of topics ranging from technology to creative teaching. He is an "NBC Crystal Apple" winner, eHow education expert, Google Certified Teacher and SMUSD "Teacher of the Year". His Ted Talk "Occupy Kindergarten" has reached thousands of teachers across the ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TEDx: Lies and Statistics
TEDx: Santa Monica Occupy Kindergarten
Speech Topics
  • Keynote: The Classroom and Student of the Future

    What will your classroom and students look and act like in 5, 10 and 20 years down the road? Join Kurt on a journey ... View More

  • Keynote: Occupy Kindergarten

    Join the grassroots movement to "bring the fun back to Kindergarten"! Kurt Schwengel, a 17 year veteran of ... View More

  • Keynote: The History of Kindergarten

    Join Kurt Schwengel, a kindergarten teacher since 1995, on a journey that examines the roots and evolution of ... View More

  • 75 Minute Breakout Sessions:

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  • I've had the pleasure of interviewing Kurt, watching him teach his students & sitting mesmerized at his keynotes, & I can confidently say that Kurt Schwengel, w/o a doubt, is one of the most gifted and knowledgeable leaders in American education today.
  • Danny Brassel - Professor CSU and Founder of 'The Lazy Reader's Book Club'

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