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Kim Strobel

Kim Strobel, K-12 Education, Teaching Principles happiness, school culture, education Kim Strobel, K-12 Education, Teaching Principles happiness, school culture, education
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Kim Strobel

We Create Happiness by Guiding Growth Mindset to unleash The Power of Positive Schools

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Louisville, KY, (Indiana)
About Kim Strobel

Owner, Education Consultant, and Motivational Speaker

Kim isn't just the owner of Strobel Education. She's its driving force. Her wisdom, positivity, and strength inform every aspect--and it shows in the inspiring workshops she presents to teachers who seek to make a difference. She puts herself "in the trenches" with teachers because she was once there herself and knows how important support and encouragement are in creating a successful classroom.

A licensed ELA teacher for grades K-12, Kim has ...

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Science of Happiness and Its Impact on School Culture

In her role as a happiness coach, Kim has extensively studied and researched the topics of Happiness and Positive Psychology. She has ...

The Power of Positive Schools: Overcoming Negativity & Creating Success

Through her work as both a teacher and consultant, Kim has discovered that many dedicated educators have lost their joy, which has led to ...

Happiness Habits: The 5 Secrets Successful People Know

For too long, it's been assumed that success leads to happiness. However, research has proven that the reverse is true: Happiness fuels ...

Growth Mindset: Increasing Achievement & Boosting Motivation

Research shows that a growth mindset can foster grit, determination, and work ethic within students, athletes, and people of all ages. ...

The buzz sweeping the education world about Kim Strobel is real. And, it's no surprise that teachers and administrators are lining up to see her presentations. Simply put, she's absolutely fantastic. Not only is she a thought leader and expert in her field, but more than that, she's deeply passionate about helping teachers make a lifelong difference in the lives of students.

Hal Bowman, Founder and Creator - Teach Like Rock Star & Be The One

Kim Strobel is a dedicated educator who understands what teachers need. Her magnetic personality and genuine presentation style captivate audiences everywhere she goes. Her enthusiasm is contagious. You'll love her!

James M. Halik, Ph.D. - Compass-Keynote Consulting, LLC

After listening to Kim Strobel speak during Ditch Summit, I knew she was the one I needed to deliver this message. Kim's keynote on happiness and remembering our why not only tied to our district theme and mental wellness, but were powerful and important...especially this time of year. She was lovely to work with and an absolute professional at all times. Her happiness and energy were contagious.

Blair Eiseman, Supervisor of Professional Development - South Brunswick School District, New Jersey

Kim is an expert in her field, fiercely energetic, very well-spoken and above all, truly understands what it's like to be a teacher. She's real and authentic and can turn an ordinary teacher training day into a very fun and well-spent collaboration where knowledge is gained by everyone involved.

ngel Zollars, 8th Grade ELA - Washington Community Schools

Kim knows how to engage teachers. She's open, enthusiastic, and focused. My teachers and literacy coach feel confident returning to school and implementing these lessons. Kim's knowledge and experience make her a winner with teachers!

Tammy Dexter, Director of School Support - Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation

All I can say is WOW! Kim's training was absolutely awesome! Her knowledge of education practice and strategies is very thorough. She must have demonstrated at least 20 strategies that teachers can use. She explained each one, demonstrated it, and had the teachers practice it.

Rob Moore, Director of Education - Bloomington, IN
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What's Your 'Minimum Effective Dose'?

How to Increase Your Happiness and Improve Your Effectiveness A teacher friend recently came to me upset after receiving her evaluation. Usually rated "highly effective," she'd received a rating of "effective" this time. "I guess I need to go back to spending weeknights and weekends in the my classroom," ...

'Starbucks' Your Classroom

Why You Should Take a Fresh Look at Your Learning Space Every teacher strives to create a welcoming space for their students. A classroom environment that is not only conducive to learning, but one that invites communication, collaboration, and creativity. This goal of an educational oasis has led many teachers to ...

Gratitude in Action

Seeing Visible Change Inside and Outside the Classroom So we know that gratitude is an important practice for both students and teachers. And that there are a lot of activities that can be incorporated in the classroom to implement this practice. But without results, then what's the point? Luckily, implementing ...