Kevin Eikenberry

Kevin Eikenberry Kevin Eikenberry

Kevin Eikenberry Speech Topics

The Leader as Coach
An important part of the leader’s role is to coach those they lead. Kevin will provide a clear picture of what it takes to coach successfully – including both mindsets and skill-sets.
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Creating Accountability For Yourself and in Your Organization
If you are looking to create a culture of higher accountability, Kevin can provide inspiration and practical advice to help all levels of employees understand what it means, and why accountability creates success.
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Employee Engagement in the Real World.
Employee engagement is the holy grail in business today – and with good reason – but too often the value is lost in the hype and the buzzwords. Let Kevin help your leaders see what it really means and how to begin creating more of it in every meeting and every interaction, every day.
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Moving Past Goal Setting to Goal Achievement
Goal setting is important, but stops short. In this talk, Kevin starts with goal setting but helps your teams (or just the leaders) move past goal-setting to creating an improved likelihood that the goals set will be achieved.
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Creating Wowed Customers
Satisfaction isn’t enough, Delight is getting close. Kevin believes the Customer service bar should be at “Wow!” In this talk, Kevin helps you determine what “Wow!” looks like and how you can begin to deliver that to Customers – both internal and external.
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Unleash Your Personal and Professional Potential
Kevin believes in the unique potential of everyone and in this talk he helps sell the audience on that potential – and helps people take action to finding and using that potential in their work and the rest of their life.
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