Kenneth Wesson

Kenneth Wesson

  • Educational Consultant, Neuroscience

Kenneth Wesson is a former college and university-level faculty member and administrator. He delivers keynote addresses on the neuroscience of learning for educational organizations and institutions throughout the United States and overseas. His audiences range from early childhood specialists to college and university-level educators. His international audiences have included ... VIEW MORE

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  • Science and Creativity Matter the Most

    Although we are entering the "Innovation Age," creative thinking has taken a backseat to "standardized" thinking in ... View More

  • ncorporating STEM into Other Subject Areas

    The most effective way to incorporate STEM into our daily instruction is by identifying where our academic content ... View More

  • Celebrating the Magnificent Human Brain

    There is no endeavor more important to our collective future than educating the young minds around us. From ... View More

  • STEM and the Evolving Human Brain

    Our accelerating international entry into the "Innovation Age," will be dominated by inventive minds. Nonetheless, ... View More

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  • Each year, new findings . . . will be infused into teacher preparation, curriculum, instruction, student assessment and the classroom environment. The works of . . . Kenneth Wesson . . . have been influential in reshaping the independent school classroom.
  • Forecasting Independent Education to 2025 - National Association of Independent Schools

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