Kenneth Wesson

Kenneth Wesson

  • Educational Consultant, Neuroscience

Kenneth Wesson is a former higher education faculty member and administrator. He delivers keynote addresses on the neuroscience of learning for educational organizations and institutions throughout the United States and overseas. His audiences range from early childhood specialists to university-level educators. Wesson's international audiences have included educators and ... VIEW MORE

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  • If It’s Your Job to Develop Young Minds, Shouldn’t You Know How Their Brains Work?

    The brain is not only the most complex organ in the human body, but this “three-pound universe” has also been ... View More

  • Creativity and Innovation in the Classroom

    Humankind has transitioned from the agricultural age to the industrial age to the information age. We are now well ... View More

  • S.T.2R.E.A.M. – A “Brain-considerate” Model for Student Learning

    Once our students leave school, they often discover that real-world problems are almost invariably solved through an ... View More

  • Brain-STEM: Merging STEM, Common Core, and the NGSS

    The human brain learns by making relevant connections, which is why cognitive scientists contributed to the ... View More

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  • "OMG! I've been awakened!" "I found the topic in the speaker amazing!" "This is my second time hearing Dr. Wesson and I am fascinated again!"
  • California Kindergarten Association
  • "I attended USTA Conference in Provo, Utah in February and found your keynote speech to be very inspiring. I am very interested in brain health and how to address it in the classroom. Since I heard your talk, I have been giving my students more engaging science activities and I have noticed that they are learning faster, remembering more and excited to come to class; in addition, they are more willing to do their written work in a quality way." "Thank you for a superb presentation at our Utah Science Teachers Association conference a couple weeks ago. I'd love to share what you shared with my administrators and a few other teachers."
  • Utah Science Teachers Association
  • "I attended your presentation at the HASTI conference last week. Before saying anything else, I want to thank you for such an incredibly interesting and highly information educational presentation." "I want to thank you again for your keynote address at the HASTI conference last week. I had several teachers tell me on Thursday evening and Friday during the day how much they enjoyed your presentation and the valuable information you shared."
  • Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Incorporated

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