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Kayla Delzer

Kayla Delzer, K-12 Education, Education Motivation, 21st Century Learning & Technology, Teaching Principles, Teacher Motivation, Exclusive Premiere Kayla Delzer, K-12 Education, Education Motivation, 21st Century Learning & Technology, Teaching Principles, Teacher Motivation, Exclusive Premiere

Kayla Delzer Speech Topics

Reimagining Education: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders (KEYNOTE)
In this passionate talk, third grade teacher Kayla Delzer speaks about her mission to revitalize learning, relationships, and the classroom environment. Kayla explains how to release the power in the classroom by giving students ownership of their learning and making it relevant to them. Breaking...
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Redesigned Learning Spaces: A Flexible Approach (KEYNOTE/WORKSHOP)
If we take a look at classrooms over the past 100 years, we are seeing the same type of learning environments, year after year. The world is changing, yet our classrooms are being designed much the same. Revitalizing space and incorporating flexible seating is a straightforward way to let...
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So You Think You Can Teach? (KEYNOTE OR WORKSHOP)
Description: This presentation is targeted at preservice teachers. Topics addressed include: advice for preservice teachers, launching a new school year, integrating technology in your classroom, classroom management, setting up a classroom, using social media in the classroom.
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Demonstrating Student Understanding Through Technology* (WORKSHOP)
Technology can give even the quietest students a voice and a chance to shine. This session will target different apps that help students demonstrate what they have learned using both their voice and work. Often students can show that they understand something, but have difficulty explaining how...
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Student-Led Learning: Genius Hour Passion Projects (WORKSHOP)
Have you been hearing about Genius Hour, passion projects, or Google’s 20% time in classrooms? Are you unsure how to justify this type of student-led learning—or implement it with fidelity? Kayla presents the research behind allowing students one hour of their week to study what they are...
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Guided Writing & Beyond: Revision & Editing Strategies that Really Work (WORKSHOP)
Do your students lack the revision skills necessary to create meaningful writing? Collect strategies to implement in your guided writing or writing workshop block. Kayla walks you through classroom-tested revision and editing strategies. Take your revision and editing process beyond the basics to...
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Improving Reading Fluency with QR Codes & Augmented Reality (WORKSHOP)
Do your students sound like robots when they read? Or assume that reading quickly is the same as reading fluently? See what happens when you transform your reading block or Daily 5 to a more student-led center or station. Kayla shows you how to help students record books, self-assess and...
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Twitter and Instagram for Teachers (WORKSHOP)
Description: If you've signed up for Twitter or Instagram and are wondering how to get started, this class is for you. Both of these social media tools are now wildly popular. Come see why millions of users have flocked to these sites. You will leave with a good start of a PLN in each network.
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21st Century Parent Communication Tools (WORKSHOP)
Description: Sending home only a weekly newsletter is no longer an option in our 21st century schools. During this session, you will learn how I utilize Remind 101 text messages daily, blogging, Twitter, Homeroom app, and emails to communicate classroom happenings with families.
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Bring the World to Your Classroom! (WORKSHOP)
Description: Learn to take your students -- no matter how young -- anywhere from outer space, to the Minnesota Zoo, to classrooms in other states and countries. Discuss ways to safely encourage virtual exploration and student led classroom social media accounts. Leave this session ready to...
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