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Kayla Delzer

  • Globally Awarded Teacher, Classroom Designer
  • Best Selling Author, International Speaker
  • NYT named "1 of tech-savviest teachers in US"

Kayla Delzer is the 2019 North Dakota State Teacher of the Year and a globally awarded 3rd grade teacher and technology champion in North Dakota. In fact, The New York Times named her "one of the tech-savviest teachers in the United States".

She has ten years of teaching experience in second and third grade. Kayla holds her master's degree in Elementary Education from the University ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Reimagining Classrooms: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders - Kayla Delzer - TEDxFargo -
Kayla Delzer @Twitter HQ - Digital Citizenship Summit
Speech Topics
  • Reimagining Education: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders (KEYNOTE)

    In this passionate talk, third grade teacher Kayla Delzer speaks about her mission to revitalize learning, ... View More

  • Redesigned Learning Spaces: A Flexible Approach (KEYNOTE/WORKSHOP)

    If we take a look at classrooms over the past 100 years, we are seeing the same type of learning environments, year ... View More

  • So You Think You Can Teach? (KEYNOTE OR WORKSHOP)

    Description: This presentation is targeted at preservice teachers. Topics addressed include: advice for preservice ... View More

  • Demonstrating Student Understanding Through Technology* (WORKSHOP)

    Technology can give even the quietest students a voice and a chance to shine. This session will target different apps ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Best keynote I've heard in a long time! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Karan Bliske - 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Our staff thoroughly enjoyed everything you had to share! You have an amazing spirit and it is clear you not only speak about doing what's best for kids but actually put it into practice. You are changing the lives of students and educators daily. Thank you for your expertise and service.
  • Carmen Tubbs, Principal - Wahpeton Public Schools
  • Kayla has an incredible platform to work from and you do it all so unselfishly. Your focus is a better tomorrow for students and educators everywhere and that is exactly why you're an inspiration to us all!
  • Dustin Ecker, Fourth Grade Educator - Grassy Creek Elementary School

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Kayla Delzer travels from Fargo, North Dakota and requires travel expenses are included in the speaker's honorarium.

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