Katy Hutchison

Katy Hutchison

  • Restorative Justice Advocate

Katy resides in Victoria, BC. She moved back to Vancouver Island eighteen years ago, following the murder of her husband Bob McIntosh. In the course of dealing with the legal issues surrounding Bob's death, she met and married lawyer Michael Hutchison.

After Bob's murder on New Year's Eve 1997 Katy waited for five years while the police worked tirelessly to obtain the evidence to ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TEDx: Restorative Practices to Resolve Conflict/Build Relationships
Speech Topics
  • Restorative Justice Groups

    The Story of Bob explores the concepts of restorative justice. Incorporating video material from the young man ... View More

  • Victim Service Organizations

    Katy speaks to professionals and volunteers in the victim service field. Telling the story of the violent and tragic ... View More

  • Community Groups and Businesses

    Resiliency is a key characteristic in the success of every organization. The Story of Bob tells one woman's journey ... View More

  • Student Audiences

    The Story of Bob was developed for elementary and secondary school students from grades six through twelve. The ... View More

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