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Katty Kay

  • Lead Anchor of BBC World News America
  • NYT Best-selling Author of Womenomics
  • Meet the Press, Chris Matthews, & Morning Joe

Katty (pronounced CAT-TEE) Kay is the lead anchor for BBC World News America. She is seen in America on nearly 300 Public Broadcasting Stations which carry BBC World News America broadcasts. Katty's reports on the latest U.S. economic and political news are also carried by BBC News channels globally, giving her a vast international audience. In addition, Katty is also a frequent guest ... VIEW MORE

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What to do about a divided nation?
Healing Dysfunction In Washington
Established structures have not delivered
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Katty Kay
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    The election of Donald Trump has turned the American political world upside-down. His presidency continues to be just as ... View More


    Global times call for global perspective. As someone who has lived in and reported from North America, the Middle East, ... View More


    Confidence! With it, we can take on the world; without it, we don’t ask for raises, request that important meeting or ... View More


    At the World Economic Forum in Davos, IMF Chief Christine Lagarde called the advancement of women the greatest economic ... View More

Text Reviews
  • She was engaging, confident and yet self-deprecating at the same time. Doing double duty, she then moderated a business session discussing gender issues in the industry where she performed magnificently.
  • Jim Sgueo, President and CEO - National Alcoholic Beverage Control Assn
  • Katty was so phenomenal that I want her for every meeting!
  • Director of Meetings - The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers
  • Katty was absolutely fantastic. The attendees loved her. Her comments couldn't have been more well suited for our audience. She's a very personable person which makes hosting so much easier. I am so glad that we were able to do this.
  • Margaret M. Timony - Executive Director, Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association

Katty's Blog

What Women Should Know About...
Why is it that women feel they need 100% of a skill set to apply for a job while men will jump in with 60%? Why, when gradu...

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