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Kathleen Riley Cuff is an energetic, motivational speaker for groups of all sizes. The enthusiasm and humor she brings to every presentation is complemented by her sincere, positive attitude and commitment to meeting the specific needs of each audience.

Kathy is well versed in a variety of topics including leadership, customer service, empowerment, team building and change management.

In 1987, Kathleen Riley Cuff joined The Ken Blanchard Companies, working closely with Dr. Ken Blanchard as his events manager. Currently, she is a consulting partner and keynote speaker. Kathy works with Blanchard clients conducting on-site training and consulting services, as well as adding much value to corporate events with her sizzling keynote presentations.

Prior to joining Blanchard, Kathleen Riley Cuff worked in the political arena in Washington, D.C. arranging media events for members of the Cabinet, United States Congress, and other prominent officials.