Karyn Buxman NSB

Karyn Buxman

  • Laughter with purpose.
  • Mirth with a message.
  • Humor that heals.

Meet Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, CSP, CPAE. (CSP--Certified Speaking Professional--means she speaks a lot. CPAE--Council of Peers Award for Excellence--means her peers think she's really, really good!) Karyn transitioned from nursing to speaking when she realized she didn't have to put in 12-hour shifts, didn't have to handle body fluids, and did get standing ovations.

Through her 20 ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • I’ve Got One Nerve Left –and You’re Standing on It

    [Healthcare: Stress Management/Life Balance: Keynote or Breakout] Expanding responsibilities, shrinking budgets, ... View More

  • I’m The Leader—Which Way Did They Go?

    [Healthcare Leadership: Keynote or Breakout] Successful people—in business, politics and life in general—have ... View More

  • What’s So Funny About… Nursing?

    [Healthcare Entertainment: Keynote] Sicker patients, irritable docs, cranky coworkers, days that are long on hours and ... View More

  • Achieving Success, Significance and Happiness in Challenging Times

    [Healthcare Inspiration/Entertainment: Keynote] Scientists have shown that people’s attitude and mindset play a ... View More

Text Reviews
  • I have never seen someone more skillfully tune into and engage the audience so completely from start to finish. The standing ovations, the magic wand, the three personality types, your crowd-pleasing anecdotes and insights completely captivated us.
  • Dan Maddux - American Payroll Association
  • It's such an honor and pleasure having you with us, sharing your time and expertise to educate professional health care providers about the significance of therapeutic humor and how to cultivate a balanced work life.
  • Mierfe Calica, RN, MA - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
  • Laughter is an essential of physio, psycho and social health and development. We at NASA often find that balance can be very difficult to achieve considering the complexities of our jobs. You helped us learn that it is beneficial and how to achieve it.
  • Nichole Richmond - NASA
Webinar $6,500.00
Healthcare Keynote $10,000.00
Healthcare Half Day $12,500.00
Keynote $15,000.00
Healthcare Full Day $15,000.00
Half Day $17,500.00
Full Day $20,000.00
Karyn Buxman travels from San Diego, California and requires Coach class for 1

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