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Josh King is the author of OFF SCRIPT: An Advance Man's Guide to White House Stagecraft, Campaign Spectacle, and Political Suicide. The book, his first, was published by St. Martin's Press in April, 2016.

King was raised outside of Boston, Mass., graduated from Swarthmore College in 1987 and, later, completed the Program for Global Leadership at Harvard Business School. He entered ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

New York Public Library "Young Lions Forum"
Optics Inside and Outside a Donald Trump Rally
The high art and power of political stagecraft in the age of optics
Mark Twain House & Museum Lecture
Speech Topics
  • Polioptics: The Theater of Politics, from George Washington to Barack Obama and Beyond

    Josh King’s original 250-image multi-media survey of American political theater first given on college campuses in 2009, ... View More

  • Deconstructing Presidential and Campaign Trail Imagery

    We watch news broadcasts, read newspapers and surf through blogs and social media content every hour of every day, our ... View More

  • The Biology, Psychology, Geometry, Engineering and Mapping of the Political Gaffe in the Age of Optics

    Mike Dukakis and the tank. George H.W. Bush and the supermarket scanner. Bob Dole’s fall from stage. Al Gore’s canoe ride ... View More

  • The Age of Optics, from Clinton to Trump

    Armed with a menagerie of images and videos that make people stop, think and reflect, the man who helped shape the unique ... View More

Text Reviews
  • His presentation cuts to the chase, and provocatively so. For our company, it was great entertainment for those not directly involved in reputation management and a great primer for those with brand and engagement in their remit. Josh’s post-event survey scores set a new precedent for speaking excellence for us. In other words, he won’t disappoint. He will no doubt inspire.
  • Jim Gould, Vice President - National Grid
  • Your appearance created such advance buzz that our 175-seat auditorium was packed. But, even more surprising, you proceeded to provide us with an informative and entertaining power point focused on your book. Feedback was overwhelming positive. Following your presentation, you answered questions, but I had to cut it off at 75 minutes or you would have never made it to the book signing or home to NYC. Just to put this in perspective, we hosted James Patterson a year ago, who has probably sold more books than any living author. You drew better than he did and the feedback was more positive. Also, even though we do not charge for many of our author events, we “pass the hat” to help us maintain our $3 million budget. Our yield for your event was the highest to date, which reflects the overwhelming enthusiasm of the audience.
  • Joel Freedman, President - Mark Twain House & Museum
  • Josh offers a provocative look at how hats, helmets, paddles and banners have shaped the course of our presidential elections. His Off Script stories from the ‘The Age of Optics’ reminded us that the best laid plans lead nowhere without the right message, the right team and relentless attention to detail.
  • Michael O’Neill, Executive Vice President - American Express Company

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