Joseph MacInnis

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Joseph MacInnis Speech Topics

DEEP LEADERSHIP: The Secrets of James Cameron - 12 Ways to Become a Better Leader
JAMES CAMERON, the Academy Award winning director, built a $30-million research sub and made a 7-mile dive into the Mariana Trench—the deepest solo dive in history. DR. JOE MACINNIS was Cameron’s electronic journalist and backup physician. He followed the action from the first dives in Papua New...
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Dr. MacInnis has spoken to hundreds of Fortune 500 audiences in North America, Europe and the Far East. Working with the meeting planner, he designs each presentation to reinforce the theme of the meeting.
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DEEP LEADERSHIP: The Quest for 21st Century Leadership
In his presentation, Dr. Macinnis describes mission-critical moments managing complex technologies to lethal environments - and how they reveal essential traits of leadership. He uses dramatic video clips to take you on a perilous journey 4 KM under the Ocean and 400 KM into space. Filled with...
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