Jonathan T Gilliam

Jonathan T Gilliam

  • Navy Seal & FBI Special Agent
  • CNN Contributor and Sirius XM Radio Host
  • Host of "The Experts"

Jonathan T. Gilliam graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a BA double major in Political Science and Psychology with an emphasis on the Executive Branch of Government and World Religions. Gilliam began his career in service as a Police Officer just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas before he received his commission in the United States Navy at Officer ... VIEW MORE

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Sizzle Reel
Success and Failure
Debating Jamila Bey on the O'reilly Factor
The Fall Of Our Nation
I would live, and die for this.
The O'Reilly Factor
Speech Topics
  • Teamwork & Leadership

    Individuals and companies that have issues in leadership and teamwork are similar to a human body that is ... View More

  • Conservatism, Americas Last Hope

    Conservative – A person holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, ... View More

  • A Four Stage Strategic War Plan To End The Global War On Terror

    Terrorism. It’s a term you keep hearing in the media and by politicians. Gilliam will define that for you and then ... View More

  • World War III; A Two Front War

    America is now engaged in WWIII, and it’s a two front war. It is the first world wide unconventional war in the ... View More

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  • Jonathan was terrific. His presentation was well prepared & it held everyone's attention until the very end. His VIP question & answer session was even better. A number of issues & solutions were discussed. The feedback I've gotten from the attendees has been 100% positive.
  • Jim Stone, President - Republican Club of Green Valley and Sahuarita
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