Johnny Weir
Johnny Weir
Two-Time United States Olympian and Figure Skating Superstar


Johnny Weir is one of the most sought after pop-culture icons, athletic stars and public speakers of today. He is a figure skating superstar, a television and documentary film star, award-winning activist, Goodwill Ambassador, top-selling author, and in short, a Pop Star on Ice.

He is best known as a two-time United States Olympian and figure skating superstar. Weir is a three-time United States National Champion and World Championship medalist as well as an artistic icon in his sport. In addition to his competitive pursuits Weir is beloved around the world with a dedicated following and is invited to perform for global audiences regularly. In late 2011, Johnny Weir was honored with a lifetime achievement ceremony called, ‘Dare to Be Different’ by the Ice Theatre of New York. After his performance at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada, Weir became known as “the people’s skater”.

Johnny Weir has been an honored keynote speaker, valued panelist and spokesperson for CNN, MAC Cosmetics, General Electric, Equality California, Russian Children’s...


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Johnny Weir
Video: HRC Visibility Award

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Motivation and Empowerment
How fearless self-determination and finding the strength to deal with failure can help you beat all...
The way believing in yourself and all that you are, and at times aren’t, can empower you to live a...
Family Values
The value of being raised by loving parents who let you fall down and pick yourself up with unwavering...
How facing a fear, whether it be falling on the rink in front of millions or asking someone on a date...

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