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Johnny Cupcakes

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Why have thousands of customers from around the world chosen to get the Johnny Cupcakes' logos tattooed on themselves? And how does Johnny get hundreds of people to camp outside his fake bakeries? Over the past decade Johnny Cupcakes, founded by speaker Johnny Earle, has grown from a "joke" to a multi-million dollar, highly exclusive t-shirt brand driven by a community of ... VIEW MORE

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Long Beach City College
Speech Topics
  • Viral Business - Inspiring Customer Loyalty

    With each new launch the hysteria around the ‘Johnny Cupcakes’ brand continues to conquer the globe. The reaction ... View More

  • Kick Starter - Empowering Entrepreneurs

    So many ideas, so little funding! Some of the biggest business success stories were the product of dollar coffees ... View More

  • Millennial Engagement - Contemporary Leadership

    We talk about ‘word of mouth’ advertising as the holy grail of brand expansion, but countless businesses forget the ... View More

  • Be Your Own Brand - The Ultimate Branding Tool Box

    If you were a product what box would you come in? If you were a business what uniform would your staff wear? In a ... View More

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  • Johnny was an excellent speaker —informative, funny and inspiring. His personal story and experience were interesting, and the broader relevance of following one's passion to achieve success!
  • Managing Director - Wieden+Kennedy
  • Johnny held the attention of every person in the room! Many members in the audience were long-time business owners who commented that even though they have been in business for years, they learned quite a bit from his presentation!
  • Vice President and Director - The Quincy Chamber of Commerce
  • At our annual company inspiration day, Johnny inspired me to have more fun with my company!
  • CEO - L'OREAL Paris USA

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