John Pullum Bio

Are you ready for some entertainment based motivation? Look no further than John Pullum. John has been motivating and entertaining audiences world-wide for over 20 years (since he had hair!). His clients include Ford Motor Company, 3M, Nestle, Shell Oil, Morgan Stanley, Hitachi, SDI Technologies, Mariner Health Care and many, many more. From large events to smaller occasions, John's done them all. You've seen John Pullum on his hit series "More than Human" on the Discovery Channel, now have him at your next event! If you just want entertainment, without motivation included, John's comedy mind reading show is simply amazing. He will read your mind so be careful what you think! Actor, comedian, motivational speaker and all-around nice guy, John takes the mysterious and makes it hilarious. If you want motivation included, check out John's presentation called "Success Is All In Your Head". More information on both of these speeches can be found on his main profile page.

John is working on a speech about his inspirational true story of trying to save a stranger's life by donating bone marrow. This speech is not about organ donation as much as it is about paying it forward. Learn to do more for your company, community and family by going outside your comfort zone. John adds some audience participation and laughter into this speech. Your audience will leave inspired, motivated, entertained and with a message of hope for their future. Want to get your employees inspired to do more for your company? Keep checking back to see when this speech is available.

John Pullum will amaze, amuse and get your audience motivated with his 100% clean, corporate friendly shows and speeches. Be sure to watch his client testimonial videos and read the rave reviews. He's an audience favorite.