John Naber NSB

John Naber

  • Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Author of "Awaken the Olympian Within"
  • United States Olympic Committee Hall of Famer

At the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, John Naber captured four Gold Medals, one Silver and broke four World Records in swimming. His World marks in the 100 and 200 meter backstroke lasted an amazing seven years after his retirement. In 1984 he carried the Olympic Flag into the Opening Ceremonies of the Los Angeles Games and was elected into the United States Olympic Committee Hall of ... VIEW MORE

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The Gold Medal Process
Speech Topics
  • Programs include:

    • "The Gold Medal Process" Motivational Keynote Address • "Pursuing Victory With Honor... Good Guys Can Finish First!" • ... View More

  • Pursuing Victory With Honor: Character based accomplishment

    If victory is all that matters, then cheating becomes an option. How do people learn to resist the temptation of easy ... View More

  • The Gold Medal Process: How Ordinary People Accomplish Extraordinary Things

    Eight steps that guide Olympians from their dreams to reality. Taken in sequence, these powerful guidelines can help ... View More

  • Eureka: How Innovation Changes the Olympic Games, and Everything Else!

    Sports and the military are the two most innovative industies in the world (becasue the cost of finishing in second ... View More

Text Reviews
  • I congratulate you on the extraordinary speech you gave at our recent meeting. I have never heard a motivational speaker who incorporated the meeting's objectives and major emphasis points into the message as effectively as you do.
  • Jim Westbury, Producer - DISNEY BUSINESS PRODUCTIONS
  • You really made a big hit with everyone by referencing specific situations and challenges we face at retail into your presentation. Reps commented to me later that your comments were right on target and encouraged them to work hard and reach their goals.
  • John Diehl, Director of Retail Service - MATTEL, INC.
  • Your message was timely, clear, and delivered with the energy and enthusiasm of a champion. Many of the attendees have told me that they were personally and professionally challenged by your message.
  • Kevin Tripp, Executive Vice President an - AMERICAN DRUG STORES (Savon & Osco Drug)
Keynote $10,000.00
International $20000 Europe and Asi
John Naber travels from Los Angeles, California and requires Business class for one (1)

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