John Hodge

John Hodge

  • Master Motivator of Teachers and Students
  • Former Reading, English and AVID teacher
  • President of ULLC
  • I felt that his presentation was tailor-made for Quest. He reiterated a lot of what I have been discussing in our staff meetings and everyone was engaged from start to finish. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we enjoyed him tremendously.
  • Andrea Guice, Principal / Director - Quest Academy Community School
  • I generally judge a speaker in three areas: did they challenge my mind, did they challenge my heart, and did they leave me with some information that I can use to make either my life or job performance better. In John Hodge’s case, he was overwhelmingly successful in all three areas. Based on the comments from many of the >1300 attendees, they felt the same. John’s message resonated with teachers in all grade levels and subject areas. His theme of “Be the One” was quickly adopted as a hashtag in several Tweets in which teachers shared key points from his speech. I’m sure this will remain a theme for many throughout the year.
  • Tim Solley - Madison County Schools
  • The teachers of ALL six schools were entertained, informed, laughed, shed tears, and left with a sense of renewal and excitement. Without a doubt, each of us will look at our students with new eyes and act accordingly.
  • Gwen Lewis, Principal - Prairie Elementary School
  • John’s message resonated with teachers in all grade levels and subject areas. His theme of “Be the One” was quickly adopted as a hashtag in several Tweets in which teachers shared key points from his speech. I’m sure this will remain a theme for many throughout the year. In short, a common comment from employees was that John was the best keynote they had ever heard at this event! Ryan…thanks so much for recommending John to speak at our event. John…thanks for the passion you bring to educators. It is a gift!
  • Tim, Director of Middle School Education - Madison County Schools
  • Words can not express how much I enjoyed your presentation this morning at Ponchatoula High. Your presentation was a wonderful beginning to the new year. Thank you for all you do for the children and your love and dedication to education.
  • Angele Walker - Woodland Park ELC
  • John hit a homerun and set off a lot of fireworks! He is a very knowledgeable, motivational presenter who definitely “walks the talk,” and the best part about the very practical suggestions he made was that they didn’t COST anything.
  • Carol Thom - Kanawha County Schools
  • John did an excellent job. He engaged the faculty and addressed sensitive issues with professionalism and compassion. The teachers responded well to his comments and have dedicated themselves to reaching and teaching all students. Excellent Job!
  • S. Sims - Luther Porter Jackson Middle School
  • All of our ESL teachers thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Hodge. His presentation was thorough and extremely informative. Several teachers commented on his insightful message, how they were enriched by his words and how it will transform their practices.
  • Abasi McKinzie, Immigrant Facilitator - Shelby County Schools - Memphis
  • Excellent!! He was just the right shot in the arm we were looking for. Our staff gave him a standing ovation . . . something that does not happen too often!
  • Diane Moeller - St. Cloud Area School District 742
  • I have heard many people talk about poverty and the effect it has on learning and the many diverse challenges faced by children, families and schools in impoverished communities. Mr. Hodge was the first presenter to crack it open and go deeper.
  • Caroline Knower - Cumberland County Office of Education
  • They returned to our school stating that John Hodge was such an inspiration and one who must speak to all of our staff members.
  • Denise C. Collier, Ed.D - Burton-Pack Elementary School
  • The conference was a huge success! Thank you for recommending John Hodge.
  • Tammy Moye Johnson, Director - Richland School District One
  • John was wonderful. Our attendees identified with John’s personable style and the information struck several chords with this group. Everything went well with the presentations and he had good numbers for each one. Thank you for all your help!
  • Heather Askea, Technology Coordinator - The University of Virginia’s College at Wise
  • John was awesome! His keynote was inspiring. We had so many people ask if we could bring him back! We are excited about October.
  • Victa McKenzie - New Jersey Association of Federal Program Administrators
  • John was a huge success. His delivery is top-notch and his message is one that should be heard by everyone working with young people. I was thrilled...I am still getting messages of gratitude from the staff. We had about 200 people gather for his presentation to parents last night and that exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased.
  • John, Superintendent of Schools - Easton Area School District
  • He was nothing short of “exceptional.” Well received by staff, message was inspiring and appropriate for the audience and evident he is a polished and knowledgeable speaker. Received nothing but great reviews from the students he interacted with and as a result, students are anxious to implement his suggestions.
  • Carl
  • John did a marvelous job, and he was extremely well received by the staff. Many commented that he provided the best opening day message we've had in years. I also found Premiere flexible and easy to work with. We wouldn't hesitate to work with you again to bring John back to Derry! Thanks for all your help!
  • Kris, Principal - Derry School District
  • John was fantastic! I heard him at the beginning of the summer and knew I needed to get him for the teachers in August. I cannot say enough about the tone he was able to set for the year! He is engaging and a wealth of practical information that can be put into practice quite easily. I did walkthroughs the first week of school and it was wonderful to see how the teachers were already incorporating the tools to which John spoke regarding higher order thinking. We will have him back!
  • Annette, Director of Curriculum - Central Greene School District
  • Dr. John Hodge is not only a gifted speaker, but has the ability to relate to his audience in a way that commands attention and participation. His personal stories, laced with his own brand of humor, create a personal relationship between the listener and the speaker. He has a special ability to bring any topic, no matter how difficult, to a level of deep understanding, thus creating a pathway for implementation. Additionally, he is appreciated for the humble spirit from which he speaks. We found him to be a wonderful presenter, a wonderful educator, and a wonderful human being.
  • Mary Chandler, Project Director - Winthrop University
  • Dr. Hodge received a standing ovation something unheard of with previous presentations. He was personal and his message was relevant and motivating. I give him my highest regard.
  • Candy Jordan, Title I and Elementary Supervisor - Albert Gallatin School District
  • John was received incredibly well by our staff! His message was as insightful as it was funny and engaging; an excellent recipe for an effective keynote. And the School Board of Directors very much appreciated him having lunch with them after the event. In brief, SUCCESS!
  • Willie Painter, Public Information Officer (PIO) - Franklin Pierce Schools
  • The presentation was fabulous. Our staff enjoyed the event. Dr. Hodge was very engaging and his message was spot-on. We appreciated the fact that he spent some time after the keynote to meet with our administrative team. He had valuable suggestions for us.
  • Dr. Trisha Craig, Director of Curriculum - Fort Cherry School District
  • John Hodge was amazing. I have been in education a long time and never before has a speaker made such an impact on teachers. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. He was, by far, the single best "act" of the conference!
  • Robin Gasque, Lead Planner for Conference. - Wilson County Schools
  • Dr. Hodge keynote was very well received. He was able to hear our superintendent’s message prior to his presentation and as a result, he merged the messages together very well. Dr. Hodge is an inspiration and he delivered an uplifting message to start our 16-17 school year. I appreciate the professionalism of your team. Ryan and Heather were very supportive and made sure all the details were attended to.
  • Mary Beth Tecce, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department - Neshaminy School District

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John Hodge travels from Newport News, VA and requires travel expenses are included in the speaker's honorarium.

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