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Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skill for Today’s Complex World
The time when the roles of men and women were different – and those differences were clearly defined – is long gone. In the new paradigm, men and women have found equality in the workplace, in the home, and in relationships. And while that parity – a long time coming – is beneficial to all,...
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Making the Male Female Dynamic Work in Your Workplace
We now take male/female equality for granted. But no matter how we’ve come, in reality men and women are different. They tend to perceive, approach, and solve things differently. They certainly communicate differently. And denying those differences can negatively influence team cohesion,...
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Understanding Gender Communications for Maximizing Sales
Realtors know that men look at garages and roofs; women look at bathrooms and kitchens. Car dealers know that women look at safety, amenities, and color; men look at horsepower and style. That alone tells us men and women look at things differently. So, how do they hear things differently? What...
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