John Foley

John Foley

  • President of the CenterPoint Companies
  • Former Lead Solo Pilot for the Blue Angels
  • Author of "The How of High Performance"
  • John obviously did his homework. He knew how to take his presentation and mix it into our business to make it work and become functional for our people. That’s huge a lot of times you have speakers who don’t do that very well. He did it extremely well.
  • Debbie Tollifson, Director, Event Marketing - Ecolab
  • John combined stories about the Blue Angels with his leadership and business savvy, delivering a first class performance that both educated & enlightened. We recommend that you engage John for your event —you’ll be absolutely thrilled that you did!
  • James Foxall, CEO - Tiger Paw Software
  • You had a terrific way of articulating your experiences to our group but more importantly, your message of teamwork and trust is exactly what I’ve been trying to coach at NextGen Healthcare. . . . Your talk was more on point that any talk I can remember.
  • Patrick Cline - Independent Information Technology and Services Professional
  • John was phenomenal. It was really exciting to see him use that debrief session and his expertise as a speaker to tailor the presentation to our audience it was very powerful. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!!! Glad To Be Here!
  • Robin Butler, HR Manager - General Dynamics
  • This season we had participant number 3700, amazing to think that we have started to develop 3700 Leaders. We thank John for all he has done for this program.
  • Dianna Du Preez, General Manager - Mercedes-Benz Acadamy
  • In the 15 years I've been organizing this conference, I've never seen more audience outpouring of enthusiasm for a speaker.
  • Denise Marx, Vice President - National Association of Realtors
  • John connected with and inspired the leaders of our 700 person compliance staff to a degree I have never seen before.
  • Michael Silva, Global Compliance Leader - GE Capitol

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John Foley travels from Sun Valley, ID and requires plus event city ground transportation and hotel.

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