John Cassis NSB

John Cassis

  • Former Baseball Player
  • Motivational Speaker

Fun. Uplifting. Humorous. That's how audiences describe John Cassis.

A rare blend of humor, entertainment and content. As one of the most requested speakers in America, John knows firsthand how to embrace change, face adversity and meet the daily pressures of life head-on!

John Cassis received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati. After three years of ... VIEW MORE

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Speech Topics
  • Catching A Second Wind

    Motivation, management and building a winning team often become simple steps when the situation is viewed with an ... View More

  • Humor, Motivation and Mental Toughness

    Modern-day demands often cloud the most important issues in our lives. As we inevitably lose perspective, we tend to ... View More

  • The Art of Leadership

    People aren’t burned out on their jobs…they’re burned out on the atmosphere in which they work. Like it or not, leaders ... View More

  • The Game Has Changed

    Change is no longer a choice for people; it’s a way of life! Too often we sit on the sidelines benched by our fears - ... View More

Text Reviews
  • The presentations were fantastic! Your ideas were clear, concise and thoughtfully delivered. Your humor and sincerity were appreciated by everyone. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give you at least a 10 and 1/2!
  • Ed Weaver - Toyota
  • You touched on all areas we needed from managing change to inspiring the group, from sharing real experiences to relating your message to our business . . . our audience was captivated by you . . . thank you for the difference you made for each of us.
  • Kathe Anderson, General Manager - Delta Airlines
  • Your uplifting keynote on September 11th provided welcome encouragement given the tragic events of the day. Your inspiring message was masterfully crafted and delivered in both a thoughtful and sensitive manner.
  • Kevin D. Klug, Director of Education - Illinois Health Care Association
Keynote $12,000.00
Hawaii and Western Canada Keynote $15,000.00
John Cassis travels from Orlando, Florida and requires First class for 1

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