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John Abdo

John Abdo, Physical Fitness John Abdo, Physical Fitness
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John Abdo

Hall of Fame Inductee, Award-Winning Inventor, Olympic Coach, Author

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LAX, California, United States
About John Abdo

JOHN ABDO is regarded world wide as an authority on life motivation, health, fitness and athletic conditioning. As a former Olympic coach, from 1976 - 1988, John trained numerous Olympic and World-Class athletes, including Bonnie Blair, multiple Gold Medal recipient.

Recently inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, John has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows reaching millions of households around the world, and establishing himself as one of the most visible motivational ...

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You Are What You Eat and Think!

What you put into your body and into your mind creates your status of health and the consequences and experiences in your life. The key to a healthy body, dynamic mind and successful life is knowing the energy ...

Re-Setting Your Biological Clock & Metabolism

Age-related hormonal decline is inevitable unless specific easy-to-apply lifestyle principles are practiced that slow, even reverse, the aging process by years, even decades. Learn how to naturally boost ...

Brain Training™: Developing the Muscle in Your Head!

The brain is comprised of trillions of cells that can be regarded as a muscle, just like your biceps. With proper nourishment and exercise, the brain strengthens increasing one’s mental capacity for creativity, ...

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Ultimate Sexual Health & Performance™ by John Abdo
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Just wanted to thank you once again for sharing your talents with our group at the Football Hall of Fame last weekend in Indiana. You are an excellent motivational speaker as well as an advocate for health, fitness and success.

Marilyn and Dave Jones - People?s Health Choice, LLC

Thanks again for sharing your great energy and enthusiasm at my national Fit Camp. All of my campers loved you. I really appreciate your support in making this event such a great success and for giving my campers information they can put to use.

Greta Blackburn - FITCAMP

We have been following your success in business and are honored to have co-produced your motivational audios series "Vital Living From the Inside-Out." We also appreciate you helping us understand how we can live more confident and productive lives.

Vic Conant - Nightingale-Conant Corporation

John is a rare gem in the health and fitness industry. He sincerely wants to help others get in great shape and routinely offers his unique health and fitness wisdom, inventions, and compassion to millions in need.

Jay Robb - Jay Robb Enterprises Inc

Before meeting John Abdo, my health was in serious jeopardy. But once I made the commitment and hired John as my personal coach I began to notice incredible changes in my appearance, health, energy levels, and business productivity.

Brian Booth - Heritage Industries

Becoming a DOER helped me get my life back in balance! Listening to you has inspired me to become a DOer myself! After losing 50 lbs in just a few short months, I look better and am healthier and more energetic than ever with loads of confidence!

Dr. James Stoxen - Team Doctors & Sports Med
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